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Codir Consulting is a professional services organization offering a range of Financial Consulting, Project Management and Public Private Partnership services for businesses, foundations and public institutions of all sizes, at the local, national and international levels. We enhance value for clients by focusing on solutions that are innovative, yet practical and that can be implemented. Codir Consulting has its statutory domicile in Amsterdam.

Since the inception of the company, Codir Consulting has been developed into a professional organization with multiple assignments in its selected areas of expertise.

One of the company’s valuable assets is it’s expertise in the market for public private partnerships, specifically with respect to the increased cooperation between the private sector and Non Governmental Organizations.

An ex-employee reveals an awful encounter that ensued between and the management, he writes " Terrible and a big bully of QA Manager. Extremely petty about timekeeping. Loves to scream at people and intimidate others with her authority. When i was working there, i see at least 1 person leaving monthly due to her overpowering power trip attitude. Past HR personel was publicly humiliated and screamed at, and eventually left just because she did not go to the meeting room when demanded by QA Manager when she was attending to work matters."


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